Tips about Procrastination

Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time - that's the meaning written in Wikipedia, but in many time we found out that we ENJOY doing NOTHING. All of us already know that the real problem is within our selves because we have a bad time management, our attitude towards our goals is wrong, and so on and so on.

Actually knowing about your negative attitude and bad time management is the first thing you must realize it and change it yourself. Please don't say that "i won't do anything about it" or "okay, I'll do it next time when i have time". That statement actually indicate that once again, you procrastinate. ^^

Next step is to change your mindset. It's a little bit hard becausebyou have a mindset which believe that changing mindset is hard. It works for me to remember two sentences bellow. I won't give ten sentences or hundred because you won't read and it's painful to remember it anyway.

" If, in the end, i have to do it why won't i do it know?". If you have one realistic and specific reason, is it okay? Believe me, your brain will provide a LOT of specific and reasonable excuses in order to help you (if you ask your brain). So, don't search for reasons.

Time to do one activity know and later is the same. You can't say that if you do it later and there will be a shortcut or your friend, your wife, your dad,etc force me to do it later. And i strongly believe that you are the one that.

"Between short term 'happiness' and long term 'happiness', you know what will become true happiness"

Short term 'happiness' such as play time, will give you only short term effect, too and it won't last long. Don't trust that kind of 'happiness'. Your long term 'happiness' is actually your goal in next future and it is what you need to make your life meaningful. You can think it this way," My short term 'happiness' persuade me to not follow my long term 'happiness'" sounds weird, but it works for me

Please remember those two sentences whenever you want to procrastinate. Hope this article helps you ^^