Tips Regarding Office Politics

This article contains several tips to build healthy relationship in your company.

As stated in description, this article was created in order to help you create a better life in your office by making a good and also healthy relationship with your coworker and your boss.

1. Hold your tongue and never talk negative (badmouth) behind or in front of your coworker, even your boss. If you talk negatively about somebody, he/she WILL know all about it sooner or later. And the issue will be bigger when she/he hear about it

2. Ask your friend or even your boss if you find something confusing / not clear. Confirm it yourself, don’t ask another people

3. Walk the talk. Be reliable. Make sure you fulfill your promise. If not, then other people will create negative issue about you

4. Help the others with their work, but don’t act as if you are the smartest. Keep low profile.

5. Treat another people well and make them feel that you like them. Don’t make enemy ^^. always maintain a right distance between you and another people within your company, including your boss